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+ New feature
o Enhancement
!! Bug fix

Version ( April/21/2015)

o Updated YouTube video format selection algorithm to adapt to recent changes.

Version ( February/12/2015)

o Support for downloading online Video with HTTPS URL.

Version (October/16/2014)

o Updated video detected method.
o Updated some resource files and title strings.

Version (February/26/2014)

o Updated video converter engine.
o Removed Ask Toolbar integration.
!! Fixed incorrect converted file name, now can open converted file with "Open" button.

Version (March/25/2013)

o Updated to be compatible with latest YouTube site change (February, 2013).

Version (February/11/2013)

o Updated to be compatible with latest YouTube site change (December, 2012).

Version (October/15/2012)

+ Revamped YouTube support to handle HTTPS URLs as well as the new format map that got changed in Septmember, 2012
o Fixed extra unnecessary file extension on the downloaded files
!! Fixed unnecessary and failed conversion on webM videos from YouTube
!! Fixed incorrect selection of video format when doing automatically selection of video formats

Version (November/23/2011)

+ Added ability to select video format for YouTube Video Download without conversion.

Version (August/17/2011)

o Updated to be compatible with latest YouTube site change on August 3, 2011.

Version (June/28/2011)

+ Update video quality selection to be consistent with latest YouTube choices.
o Enhanced video format detection.
!! Fixed video detection issues with and

Version (March/07/2011)

!! Fixed YouTube download !! due to the changes casued by YouTube update of its video pages on March 3, 2011.

Version (December/15/2010)

+ Added HTTP proxy support to allow downloading YouTube videos via proxy servers.
+ Added new Preferences dialog to allow easier configuration.
+ Added 6 new languages support: Traditional Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
o Enlarged the START button to make GUI more intuitive.

Version (December/2/2010)

+ Added HTTP proxy support.
+ Added new preference dialog and menu item.
+ Added more languages support: German/French/Japanese/Spanish/Portugages/Chinese Traditional.

Version (August/12/2010)

!! Fixed YouTube download based on the recent YouTube changes.
!! Fixed MetaCafe download !! due to the changes casued by MetaCafe major update on video URLs for downloading.

Version (June/15/2010)

+ Added New Output Option: "MP3 (Audio Only)" for extracting only the audio track of downloaded videos.
o Updated video conversion library.
o Enhanced handling of YouTube URLs with "#!" or "#", e.g.!v=uCsdPszJLNQ, or
!! Fixed progress bar for MP3 output format.
!! Fixed conversion failure for MP4 (Original Size), AVI, or WMV output format.

Version (April/19/2010)

+ Added video download support for "" and ""
+ Added DPI-aware support to the Program
+ Added DPI-aware support to the Installer
+ Added remembering OUTPUT selection setting after program exit
+ Added gZip HTTP data payload handling
o Enhanced program exit cleaning by removing temporary files
o Added minimize system button to the GUI to allow user to minimize the program
!! Fixed audio quality drop during conversion.
!! Fixed Auto Check Update failure.
!! Fixed YouTube download !! due to the changes casued by YouTube major update on video page layout on April 1, 2010.

Version (February/10/2010)

+ Added Unicode support;
+ Added Multiple Languages support;
+ Added "Without Conversion" option in OUTPUT field to allow no conversion to the downloaded video;
o Enhanced video name in STATUS field with "..." in the end if it is too long;
o Changed "Locate" button to "Open" button to allow direct playback with associated video player;
!! Fixed - Invalid chars in "SAVETO" edit box resulting missing downloaded file;
!! Fixed - Abnormal exit if pressing "ESC" or "Ctrl+Break";
!! Fixed - If a video is converting, sometimes closing the application will cause crash;
!! Fixed - The dialog of completed notification will pop up again when attempting to run another GetGoYD instance;
!! Fixed - Sometimes, the prompt in STATUS field is still "Download Completed" when a video is converting;
!! Fixed - The Stop can not work if the previous converting is failed
!! Fixed - The downloading can not be stopped if the previous converting was stopped.

Version (January/06/2010)

+ Initial Public Release of GetGo YouTube Downloader

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