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Change Log


+ New feature
o Enhancement
!! Bug fix

Version (April/7/2015)

o update CUDA to support latest NVIDIA display card.

Version (January/24/2014)

+ New Video Conversion Engine with higher conversion speed and quality
+ New Skin: Deep Blue.
+ New Performance Pane on Main Window to let the user have better awareness of real time CPU usage.
+ Added GPU Acceleration(CUDA) for up-to 30X faster video conversion speed: NVIDIA card only.
o Tons of more new devices and profiles are added: iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Mini2, iPad Air; Lumia 1520, Lumia 1320, Lumia 525, Asha 500, Galaxy S4 zoom, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab3; Blackberry P9982, Blackberry Z30, Google Nexus 5, HTC 919D, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra, and Ascend P6.
o Improved options dialog for clearer preference grouping.

Version (November/4/2011)

+ New Video Conversion Engine
+ New Multi-Process Conversion with improved conversion speed.
+ Allow up-to 3 concurrent video conversions.
+ Added Drag and Drop support for video files or folders.
+ Added Drag and Drop support for arranging sequence of the videos in the Input Video Queue.
+ Added ability to control CPU usage when converting videos.
+ Added option to shutdown the application when all conversion are finished.
o Improved new Main GUI layout with better Start/Pause/Resume/Stop Control.
o Enhanced video conversion control with multiple selection in the Input Video Queue.
o Tons of more new devices and profiles are added.

Version (June/25/2011)

+ Brand New Main GUI.
+ New Skin.
+ New 3-Level Profile System.
+ New PAUSE/RESUME button allowing pausing/resuming during conversion.
+ New ability to Split an input video into a list of output videos based on time or size.
+ Ability to add videos based on folder.
+ Tons of more new devices and profiles are added.

Version (January/18/2011)

+ Added 1 new language support: German.
+ Added DVD Recorder File Format (*.vro) and All Files (*.*) in Add Video Dialog's file type filter.
o Improved GUI dialogs to make GUI look properly for all languages.

Version (October/27/2010)

+ Added more input video type in Add Video Dialog's file type filter.
o Updated version of Ask Toolbar.
o Changed title of Add Video dialog to be "Add Videos" from "Add".
o Improved Main List View's header control to be resizable.
o Made adjustment to the percentage of progress bar's movement when converting VOB files.
!! Fixed - if the source video has more streams besides video stream and audio stream, then GGVC was crashing during converting.

Version (August/18/2010)

o Improved version check for updates.
!! Fixed - [Customer] If the source video is FLV file with H264 video codec, the converting finish up at 50% of estimating time.
!! Fixed - [Customer] If the source video is RM or MOV file, GGVC also convert when the progress is 100%.

Version (August/4/2010)

o Improved converting information display for VOB files.
o Improved duration details display for VOB files.

Version (July/20/2010)

o Improved user name with support for numbers, letters, dots and space. Trim the space on the left and right.

Version (July/9/2010)

+ Add a message box to thank the successful registration of users.
o Improved NAG Dialog with the caption of the button from "Continue Evaluation" to "Close".
o Improved NAG graphic.

Version (July/2/2010)

o Improved constrains between audio channel, audio bitrate and audio sample rate when the audio codec is AAC OR MPEG4AAC.
o Improved Notification Dialog for new version of GGVC.
o Improved registration information keeping when reinstall GGVC.
o Improved installed day accounting.
o Improved response speed of stopping converting.

Version (June/25/2010)

o Improved check box status of Show log with OFF.
o Improved Update dialog.
o Improved GUI text with multi-language support.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When click "Play" button, GGVC doesn't play the corresponding video, it plays another converted video.
!! Fixed - [Customer] If select WMA or MP3 output format, GGVC pops up an exception dialog to close GGVC when click "Details" in right click Menu.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Getgo will crash when convert the 3GP file to User Defined profile with 5.1 channel selected.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Save and Save As for audio bitrate and audio sample rate in User Defined profile doesn't work.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When the converting video isn't visible in Main dialog, the scroll bar doesn't scroll down or up to let user see the converting video.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Users try to uninstalled or install GGVC while GGVC is running, GGVC crashes.
!! Fixed - [Customer] The output directory in Option Dialog is different from the one in the Main dialog.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When no video is selected, the Remove button is also enabled.

Version (June/18/2010)

+ Add a pop up message box if user adds an inexistent file.
o Improved Multi-language support for dialog caption.
o Improved license management. When evaluation day is between 0 and 14, there isn't countdown. When evaluation day is between 15 and 30, there is countdown.
o Improved graphic display in NAG dialog and About dialog.
!! Fixed - [Customer] The column of time is empty in batch conversion when the converting time of the video is very short.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Reset button in Detailed Settings dialog doesn't work well.
!! Fixed - [Customer] The 3GP file which is converted by GGVC cannot convert to AVI, MP4 and MOV again.

Version (June/13/2010)

o Improved device image display in Main dialog and output profile dialog.
!! Fixed - [Customer] A improper error message box pops up when clear the output directory in the main dialog after cancel the practice of clearing the output directory in the Options Dialog.
!! Fixed - [Customer] A wrong text of "No Device" is displayed in Main dialog when users actually choose a output profile.
!! Fixed - [Customer] The profile name in the output profile combo box isn't correct after saving a User Defined profile as a new one.
!! Fixed - [Customer] If the user doesn't close the program, then the program doesn't automatically check the day of evaluation period remaining.
!! Fixed - [Customer] User can still trial the program by changing the system time back.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When set the option of "Close GetGo Video Converter Program after completing all conversions." to true, then a improper window pops up when closing the program.

Version (June/11/2010)

o Improved license management. When evaluation day is between 0 and 14, pop up NAG dialog at Startup and don't have watermark. When evaluation day is between 15 and 30,
pop up NAG dialog at Startup or Exit Time, and add watermark. When evaluation day is bigger than 31, then pop up Nag dialog and the program won't run unless enter license code.
o Improved EULA installer pages.
o Improved tab orders in Options dialog.
o Improved name length of new User Defined profile is 20 bytes.
!! Fixed - [Customer] If installer path contains localization characters, then GGVC will crash when user clicks the "Choose Profile" button.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Can't convert some WMV or AVI files to FLV files.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Changing the time of "showing convert notification" causes the modification of sound file's name.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When user deletes a User defined profile with a long name containing Chinese characters the Output Profile dialog box can't display correctly.
!! Fixed - [Customer] In Options dialog box, reset button doesn't work after changing the output directory.

Version (June/7/2010)

+ Add notification dialog when all conversions are completed.
o Improved logic handing for Detailed Settings Dialog when the parameter values are changed.
o Improved GUI text for Option Dialog.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Now when change the value of audio bitrate combo box or sample rate combo box, sometimes the value of combo box become empty.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When user select the output format to be MP3(Audio Only), the conversion part of the progress doesn't show on the progress bar.

Version (June/3/2010)

+ Add two output format: WMA and MP3.
o Improved GUI text.
o Improved Ask Page in nstaller pages.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When user clicks "save as" button to create a new User Defined profile, but the new profile doesn't appear in the combo box of profiles.

Version (June/2/2010)

+ Add message box for confirmation when delete a User Defined Profile section.
+ Add message box to inform user if an output file format doesn't have a default player to playback.
+ Add WMV video codec and WMA audio codec as default profile when converting video to AVI file.
o Improved output profile layers. Change the layers of output profile from 4 to 2, and add icon in the combo box.
o Improved UI in main dialog. Change the first buttion as a Text label and the second button as "Choose Profile" buttion.
o Improved directory structure in installer path. Move Device directory to Profile directroy, and add an Icon directory.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When click NO button after changing param, then it returns back to output profile dialog, not Details dialog.
!! Fixed - [Customer] Reset button is not working. It only resets to the previous state, not the actual original default values.
!! Fixed - [Customer] The license code in About dialog isn't correct after successful registration.
!! Fixed - [Customer] The successfully converted video is played without any audio when choose the output format as AVI(Based on input video).

Version (May/25/2010)

+ Add Traditional Chinese Language support.
+ Add language selection in installer pages.
+ Add remaining trial days or registration informatin in About dialog.
o Improved license management.
o Improved log file just keeping the log information of last valid covertion.
o Improved ADD Video dialog style in Vista.
o Improved Add Video dialog filter.
o Update the version of askBarSetup.exe and AskInstallChecker.exe.
!! Fixed - [Customer] GGVC crashes when I click any available buttons constantly and casually.
!! Fixed - [Customer] The uninstallation process is still going on when the GetGoVC windows is open.
!! Fixed - [Customer] GGVC main dialog closes under some cases when I press "enter" key.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When convert AVI file to MOV file using the "Based on Input Video" configuration, it fails.
!! Fixed - [Customer] When select "Close GetGo Video Converter Program after completing all convertions" in Options dialog, then an exception appears after convertions.

Version (May/14/2010)

o Improved log file format, and scroll the log window to the bottom
o Improved About Dialog
+ Pop up message box to tell user that there isn't valid video to convert
!! Fixed - [Customer] When convert AVI file to MP4 file using the "Based on Input Video" configuration, it fails.

Version (May/12/2010)

+ Initial Beta build of GetGo Video Converter
+ Add new profiles for iPad and Android
o Improved GUI on Profile display, Menu item string, Menu shortcut,Title string
o Enhanced the filters of OpenFileDialog
o changed some png names to make sense
o Checked "Launch GetGo Video Converter" in the last page of the installer
o Forbad Launching two GetGo Video Converter at the same time

Version (May/11/2010)

o Enhanced a bunch of graphics
!! Fixed - the date of log file is incorrect

Version (May/10/2010)

o Enhanced GUI on the display of Frame Size, Bitrate, Frame Rate, Sample Rate
o Improved Log Dialog
o Improved GUI under DPI aware
0 Changed Orignal Setting handling in General Video
o Improved Trail/Licensing on XP/Vista/Win7
!! Fixed - [Customer] When select a audio file to convert, GGVC will crash

Version (May/6/2010)

+ Added Show Log feature

Version (May/5/2010)

+ Added the same video checking
+ Added the handling if any params or whole profile changed to allow user re-convert the completed video
+ Added User Defined handling after the detailed params changed
o Changed the defualt Output Directory
!! Fixed - Sometime the GUI is blocked when GGVC launches
!! Fixed - [Customer] The application will crash when using Orginal settings

Version (April/28/2010)

+ Initial Alpha build of GetGo Video Converter

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